Code of Conduct for Students Don’t:-

❖ Do not be irregular in the College and do not bunk classes.

❖ Do not use abusive language. 

❖Do not get involved in physical fights and violence. 

❖ Do not damage College property. 

❖ Do not wear expensive jewelry while in the College. 

❖ Do not make a loud noise  in the classroom, auditorium, or elsewhere in the College building. 

❖ Do not pluck flowers and plants. 

❖ Do not stand in corridors unnecessarily. 


❖ Arrive at College on time, in proper dress and with I card.  

❖ Regularly attend classes. 

❖ Keep the classroom and College premises clean and tidy and avoid littering. 

Turn off the taps after use in the drinking area and washroom. 

❖ Switch off fans and lights, when not in use. 

❖ Be fair and honest at work; always be considerate of the rights of others. 

❖ Be courteous and respectful to parents, and teachers. 

❖ Read college Notice board every day. 

❖ Check college website for notices and other information. 

❖ Make use of the College library, when free.

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