The college has a pro-active internal quality assurance cell (IQAC) headed by Sh. Sanjay Joshi, Associate Professor of English. The other members of the cell are Sh. Mahendra Singh, Associate Professor of Music and Smt. Kavita Rani, Associate Professor of Economics. IQAC is a significant administrative body that has the assigned task of initiating, planning and supervising various activities that are necessary to increase the quality of education imparted in the institution. The IQAC of the institution encourages the teaching faculty to update their knowledge and devise innovative plans to make teaching and evaluation work more intelligible and effective. Teachers have been exhorted to use smart class rooms and make a good use of e-contents available with the institution. Through periodic meetings of the cell, plans are chalked out to ensure quality education to the students and teachers are also encouraged to participate in Seminar/Workshops, Orientation and Refresher courses. IQAC also evaluates the performance of the teachers and verifies and validates their API score for their career advancements.

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